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07 Oct

Her legs infected with the disease and she is Childless, helpless and poor woman

Halima Akter, of Village- Srihasya, Union- Jodda, P.S- Nangalkot, Dist- Comilla, is a respected member of Bangladesh Society of One Family Once Child. Kindly know her offences in this country and society: It is her offence not to have any ...

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04 Oct

One Struggling, Poor, Childless, Helpless, Death disease suffering woman

She is Mrs. Shamsunnahar, of Village- Toni Bhanga, Union- Jodda, P.S- Nangalkot, Dist- Comilla. She is a respected member of this society. She has no child and sibling.  But her mother is alive. She has a small shelter to live ...

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07 Jul

Monthly Pension Scheme for helpless women having one child or less

Bangladesh society of one family one child pay Monthly pension Scheme for helpless women having one child or less.Location: Toni Banga mir bari. Nangal kot. Comilla. Society will pay like helpless women every month.Day by day we will increase  more ...

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07 Jul

Project Member come for monthly pension Scheme and discuss one with another

In this photo one women has no child . Her body one side are paralysis.He has no income because She has no Child and husband. Only our monthly pension can give her food but not treatment .Having one child or ...

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07 Jul

They find honorary from country, for not create liability by born more child

This women’s are show victory mark because they have one child or less.They thought that they do not make liability in country by more child . If they born more child country have to take child libility. and country expend ...

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