Chairman Speech

Message from BOFOC Chairmen

Bangladesh Society Of One Family One Child (BOFOC) is a revolutionary and one of the foremost Non-Government Organization in Bangladesh, that has brought up a common platform for the general people, specifically targeting the people of lower income group who have no income or accommodation (floating people), with an aim to ensure a hospitable context for sustainable living and fiscal situation.

In this present era a general person become confused with his family and life, because of decreasing people’s value and increasing inflation. As a result the parents and children of the family of lower income group become deserted. Comparing the situation of a family having a large number of children with a family having fewer children, we can always find difference between their family life, social life, and economical states.

It became more vulnerable situation for a family which is floating or belongs to lower income group, having a large number of children. Though they thought giving birth of more children will   ensure their future security, but it backfires to their life as they are unable to afford the feeding or maintenance ability for such a big family. As a result they choose bitter path to survive. Thus inhumanity, corruption and terrorism arise.

Since its inception, BOFOC has been working relentlessly to promote and protect the interests of the general people that may have brought about revolutionary socio-economic changes in Bangladesh by encouraging the Poor or Floating people to choose a better path, that having only one child, generating employment, empowering women and alleviating poverty across the country. Our Organization is committed and will ensure the protection, economical help, and accommodation with other human rights to the family, which have one child or aiming to having one child. Besides that, the Organization will also taking care of the family, which have no child.

Doing such thing, we are hopeful to achieve our goals, step by step, to make our Bangladesh far more better country among all the nations, And make an example of taking the right decision in right time as our Society will be Model for others. Thank you.