Halima Akter, of Village- Srihasya, Union- Jodda, P.S- Nangalkot, Dist- Comilla, is a respected member of Bangladesh Society of One Family Once Child.

Kindly know her offences in this country and society:

It is her offence not to have any child. She is floating woman. She lives in a ramshackle house. She sometimes lives another person’s house. She lives on begging.

There is a lesion on her leg. She can’t walk to beg from door to door. As a result, she starves. Who will bear costs of her treatment? She can’t undergo treatment as it is costly. Her means of earning has been stopped with the inability of movement. She spends her days in grave uncertainty how she will survive.

It is not possible to bear the expenses of treatment fully with the money provided by Bangladesh Society. She can’t get old age allowance as she has no child. She has no vote, no value.

If she were an animal she was cared for her flesh. But as her flesh has no value who will take care of her? Who will provide food, treatment?

Bangladesh Society of One Family Once Child will try to inform people and solve their problems. The people will learn from her life that children are the hope in this country, not the country, not the society.