Mission and Vision

BOFOC works with the vision to overcome the country’s population problem, with introducing “One Family One Child” policy, encouraging the people of Bangladesh for an enhanced future. Thus having a controlled population and decreasing the poverty rate the society is offering a healthy economical living future for the country and its people. Having such vision BOFOC chalked out the following missions and its strategic direction is paved accordingly –
Firstly, Promoting the importance and values of the theme, “One Family One Child” policy; thus ensuring people’s awareness about their situation and the context.

Secondly, employing the theme, “One Family One Child” policy to stepping forwards the birth controlling agenda.

Thirdly, Dealing with the Floating people (as they are the prime target group), to ensuring them having one child, their rehabilitation through accommodation and employment.

Fourthly, reducing the difference between country assets and liabilities, that makes the balance between rich and poor.

Fifthly, BOFOC is committed to ensure all legitimate rights and privileges of the Society member. The alliance is also making every effort towards the betterment of the society and environment