She is Mrs. Shamsunnahar, of Village- Toni Bhanga, Union- Jodda, P.S- Nangalkot, Dist- Comilla. She is a respected member of this society. She has no child and sibling.  But her mother is alive. She has a small shelter to live with her mother who has no child to feed her.

This respected member has been suffering from killer disease cervical cancer for long. How will she take treatment where it is hard for her to earn breads? But there is nothing to do. It is life; it is the condition of the country.

If she loses ability to walk, she can’t earn her breads. Can we stand beside her? Is there any value of her life? If it was possible to sell her skin, flesh like an animal, someone stood beside her for benefits. She has no hope that someone stands beside her for providing assistances. Her life is in danger and she will suffer the same in future.

She is very happy after the establishment of Bangladesh One Family One Child and she sees a ray of hope in her sorrowful life.

Who will make her smiling on Eid day? Bangladesh One Family One Child will bring smiles in their faces on this day.

She is full of pleasure for such society that works for people with one child or no child.