When one child born in family He is not liability of family he also liability of one country. we do not reimbursement their liability .we think they are only natural assets . But a family take more child because he do not find support from country or society for her livelihood for life.When they take more child they do not give them food, education and treatment and home .

That means child lost her basic life directorate. This time we call them floating child.

Our country financial solvent family thinks one child is liability for her family they do not take more children. They think that more child more liability for her family . But our poor family think that, but

they do not do this . They think more child more income by small. our country think more people more income by small. If our country think like poor family our country should be floating like floating family


This time we think that when one child born in country , country have to give 2 core taka ($250000)as her right that means when we think population is our liability and country assets is our assets.

for whay our society think if one family take four child country have to pay 8 core. ($20,00000). If we give for one family one child  20 lac taka ($25000) it sufficient for one family one child life time.

As result it is our best investment for country .and country save talka:( 20core -20 lac)=19 core 80lac

(Dollar: 250000-25000=225000)

if we think like poor family this time population is assets and Natural assets our liability this time what happened : Make inflation of money and we every consume product production cost increase.

This time our wage and salary is valuation by contestant and wage and salary find in low rate we we make poverty by wage and inflation take out this salary value .

When inflation take out our income value  this time we adjust only poverty with agriculture for why farmer give up agriculture. for lost agriculture inflation extension more . so general people do not eat natural food and eat unnatural food it effect public health . Public feel various disease like liver cancer and many dangers disease .

So it is most important for our country to make small family in every where by giving pension scheme for life support then we control population birth . another way  our country be floating like poor women and children.