She is Zahara khatun who is a member of Bangladesh society of one family one child, vill.-Toni banga, p.o-Omergonj bazaar, p/s-Nangolkot, District-Comilla. She has no child, no asset, is also an impoverished woman whose husband has died before few years. But it is a matter of sorrow that she is affected by paralysis and one side of his body has been inactive. Perhaps you can see that she is remained bend. But she was also a physically well woman before some days. Her fault is at the society or in this country that she has no child. Today she is not getting escape from illness for want of a little treatment.

Today if she had a child, her child would have taken necessary steps for her treatment expending little amount by earning. Our organization Bangladesh society of one family one child has frequently been mentioning the word much flow because when money’s flow increase, at that time money’s value decrease. All kinds of manufacturing cost will increase such as treatment, accommodation, education and agriculture. when poverty is added to agriculture, farmers go away from cultivation.

When poverty is coordinated with the agriculture, the peasants leave farming. Medical, education, accommodation costs can’t be coordinated with these. As a result, the departure of peasants from the agriculture and the deprivation of common people from treatment are interlined. Money gets spoiled as water is polluted. The main cause of it the low value of labor which is created for most of the people.

If the population were less than the properties, such flow of money couldn’t be created. Agriculture, treatment, accommodation, education couldn’t be gone away from the hands of the people. All consumers would remain at the hands of human being.

The way of getting rid of this situation is the small family and childless people. But this men/women haven’t created more load giving birth children. They haven’t polluted the environment. The money hasn’t polluted. Agriculture, treatment, education won’t go away by this people. They don’t eat foods adulterated with formalin. They are the most respected people in the country. But they are leading their lives in this country like animals.

These people seek bad things for this country. As a result, the poor people take more children. They start to float with children. You can understand seeing our videos.
When these people start to float in the streets taking more children for a better life, they don’t float, the country floats.

You can understand what is civilization from the life of this member?